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Class Descriptions

Restorative: Restorative yoga is an easeful, relaxing practice that is done using a variety of bolsters, meditation cushions, blankets, and other props. This is a wonderful practice to balance our often busy and fast-paced lives, as it encourages us to really slow down. The class begins with some gentle movements to awaken the body and then moves into restorative postures that are held, fully supported, for a few minutes each. Restorative yoga turns our attention inwards, with breath-work and meditation as the main focus.

Hatha: Hatha is the foundation of all yoga styles and practices, and is a wonderful place to start or to return to reconnect with the basics. This class will begin with gentle sun salutations, followed by a sequence of standing and seated postures, ending with meditation, breath-work and a relaxing savasana. The theme of this class will vary, incorporating the eight limbs of yoga.

Flow: An energizing Vinyasa Flow class built on the breath and body connection with the intention to cultivate your inner personal power. This class focuses on breath linked to movement, and postures that lengthen and strengthen! Cultivate balance and create vitality by challenging yourself through this powerful moving meditation.

Flow + Slow: Finding balance between action and rest, the first half of this class will begin with heat building sun salutations and postures and the latter half will slow down to find stillness in yin-style postures with props. The intention of this practice is to create balance in the subtle energies of the body, finding both steadiness and ease.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Melissa Nagy

Melissa is a certified yoga teacher in hatha and restorative yoga. With a focus on turning inwards and listening to your body, her classes are gently uplifting.

Sammi Yip

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